Pink Traditional japanese kimono Women Cherry Blossom kimono

robe christian, mens asian

Skirts Collection

The peacock and children. Bat-wing sleeve. Sky blue,pink,black red,red. Vietnamese traditional clothing for women. Jk051. B0001. A complete set of 6 pieces on the model. Tumblr. Blue/ red/ purple. Grover costumes. 

Skirt Dancing Woman

Mini bag. Korean traditional dress. Coat kimono. Long dress yellow. Main fabric ingredients: Chinese robe silk. Black/cream-coloured. Kimono dress: Suitable season: Lycra,spandex,cotton,polyester. Acrylic,nylon. H0023. Vietnam sungaz. 4 color. Polyester fibre. Wholesale dress church. Women bathrobe cotton. Winter, spring, summer, autumn. 856 857. 

Usa Dress

57658. New chinese style women clothing. Wholesale men silk robe. Men hanbok. Kimono shirt. Aa2446. Tussah silk. Winter, spring, summer, autumn. Traditional clothes for womanFour colors. Brand name: 

Thai Style Cotton

Size: Women yukata. Asian. Wholesale cosplay japanese kimono. Bg003. Round collar. Children/kids/girls. T60044. Niuniushow. Blue folk song. Red/blue. Aa3141. T60033. Christian hoodys. Applicable age group: Blue/watermelon red/pick/navy. Medieval women clothing. Printing. 

Taissa Farmiga who is best known as Violet Harmon and Zoe..." /><"" />
Taissa Farmiga Army


taissa farmiga photographed by deadline studio at 2018 sundance


I get scared easily, so I’m not one for just sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and watching horror stories. But, I mean, I’m learning more. Maybe one day I’d like to be able to watch them.


Maika Monroe as Jay in It Follows (2014)
Taissa Farmiga as Max in The Final Girls (2015)


Taissa Farmiga photographed by Emily Berl for the New York Times (2015)


Evan Peters & Taissa Farmiga || American Horror Story: Coven.


Taissa Farmiga photographed by Emily Berl for the New York Times (2015)

Taissa Farmiga photographed by Magdalena Wosinska